Don’t commit Brexicide

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REMAINING VALID?: European Union British Passport.

AS time passes and we get ever closer to the date of the referendum on British membership of the European Union, so the statements from each side become somewhat more hysterical, as former friends become future enemies in their passionate and often ignorant call for one side or the other.

What is however clear is that those who want to see Britain out, have opinions on what might happen and pin their hopes on those opinions being correct. It doesn’t help that they are led by a triumvirate of some of the least popular Tory politicians, the bitter failed former leader who is Iain Duncan Smith, demoted and smarmy Michael Gove and intelligent yet accident-prone Boris Johnson.

Admittedly on the other side are the Eton boys, supported in small measure by the Labour party and avidly on this one matter by the SNP, but they do seem to have two things in their favour. Almost everyone of note in international politics and economics has spoken in favour of Britain remaining with the Union and at least some of what they say is true, rather than sheer hypothesis.

“Almost everyone of note in international politics and economics has spoken in favour of Britain remaining with the Union and at least some of what they say is true, rather than sheer hypothesis.”

Euro Weekly News, as its name suggests, rather likes Europe but there has been no censorship of any type in our newspaper so that writers, columnists and readers can express their opinions freely, regardless of which side of the vote they fall on, even if they are ineligible to actually vote because of the 15-year qualification period.

As much as we like to think of a world in which everyone helps each other, when it comes to it, it will turn into every man for himself and to use an old cliché, is it better to be inside the tent looking out or inside the tent looking in?

People dream of the good old days when Britain led the world and the map was coloured red, but forget that the wealth of the country was built on the back of slave labour, invasion and the cheap raw materials taken from the colonies.

The picture that accompanies this article depicts a red (not good old blue) British Passport and if you look closely at the top, it says European Union in gold letters. If we leave when does that passport become invalid, and is Britain capable of printing and issuing 50 million new passports in order to allow our people to travel? Perhaps the cost to each individual will be enough to clear the national debt!

Everyone who does travel within Europe at the moment has the right to carry a free EHIC card which does guarantee an element of immediate emergency treatment within any member state. At least the insurance companies can enjoy the extra funds they will earn when that is no longer valid.

In the interim period before all of the treaties are signed between the other 27 members of the Union, plus many other countries in the world, will we need visas to remain in Spain or nip over to France? Who knows, and also, will we need work permits and will we be allowed to continue to own businesses in Spain?

The list of imponderable and unanswered questions is enormous, yet the decision to remain or leave the Union is being entrusted to the average man in the street whose main knowledge of voting is for a contestant in Britain’s Got Talent.

Those who can vote need to really think about what is actually known, rather than what is fervently hoped for before casting their vote.


  1. If the idiots in Brussels were to allow Britain to control our borders and immigration, and the Human Rights Commission were to stop interfering in the British Law System, I might be tempted to vote for us to stay in the Union. But as we all know, this will never happen, for neither of these two issues have even been addressed by Cameron!
    It is clear that Brussels is trying to form the ‘United States of Europe’ under their direct control and that I can never agree to.
    Control of what happens in our country is slowly being eroded away as more and more rules and regulations come from Brussels. Why are they demanding that, for example, bananas and other fruit should have a certain shape and size?
    Why are they planning for each European nation to have the stars of the European flag on their national flag?
    This behaviour is unacceptable. For this reason I would vote out, and anyone with any common sense who can see what is really happening would do so too.
    Currently the E.U. is being run by fools, and it has become the biggest joke in modern history.


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