No matter what, a parent’s love for their child is unique


UPDATE: Happily, this story may be set for a positive ending, with Pauline Green breaking down in tears on ITV’s This Morning show on May 18, as she revealed that staff from a Spanish psychiatric unit where Matthew is currently being cared for have been in touch and invited her and husband Jim to visit.

It appears that Matthew suffered from problems with drink and drugs before he disappeared, and that he is currently refusing help or medication, leading doctors to contact his parents.

Mr Green said: “It has been a roller-coaster from not knowing for six years. When you get information like this, your emotions are running.”


He added: “It just shows you the power of the media and social media.”

AFTER six years of heartache, Pauline and Jim Green never gave up hope that their son Matthew would be found alive, and now the information that he has been identified in Spain is to them fantastic news.

The staff at Euro Weekly News believe that they are a family, taking care of each other and wherever possible our readers and clients. We do promote good causes, and disseminate information through our six newspapers and website which reach more expatriates than any other source in Spain.

On this occasion, we are addressing ourselves to just one person: Matthew Green. We know that there are many reasons for a person to cut themselves off from their family and effectively disappear, and there must have been very valid reasons for you to decide to come to Spain.

What we ask however as parents and children ourselves is that you at least call your parents to say hello and give them a little more relief. You don’t have to say why you left or even tell them your whereabouts, but do at least give them a call, as it may make all the difference to their lives and perhaps yours as well.


  1. I am so pleased ewn was able to find and I hope his parents find ALL goes well un like me with my oldest son.When I divorced my first husband my son was dead against it and started disappearing for years at a time.
    Then when the Tsunami hit in Indonesia he disappeared again and my ex phoned as he thought our oldest was dead. Months of phone calls to various numbers police etc and I found he was in London and months later heard he had returned from Indonesia just before the Tsunami. At present this year is the first year I got Happy Birthday and we
    just e mail each other. So best of luck to Mathews parents


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