Government issues booklet explaining why Gibraltar should vote to Bremain in the EU

© HM Government of Gibraltar
Dr Garcia launching the Bremain booklet.

THE Government of Gibraltar launched a booklet on May 17, which sets out the reasons why people in Gibraltar should vote to remain in the European Union in the coming referendum on June 23. 

The booklet, which will be delivered to all households on the Rock, highlights the cross-party nature of support to Bremain in the EU that exists in Gibraltar. It stresses the importance of a strong vote in favour of Remain, and makes the point that every single vote will count to influence the outcome.

The Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia, who is the Minister for European Affairs, said:

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“The rules of the referendum mean that the government will no longer be able to put across its point of view on this matter as from May 27, when purdah kicks in around the UK. 

This restriction also covers the government of Gibraltar. The campaign in Gibraltar will then be limited to the different entities and organisations of a non-governmental nature like the Stronger IN campaign, the political parties and the different representative bodies.”

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