Simon Corner imprisoned in Algeciras after returning to Spain

Botafuegos Prison Algeciras.

THE boyfriend of Lisa Brown, Simon Corner (also known as Dean Woods), appeared before a court in San Roque following his extradition from Copenhagen where he pleaded ignorance to the whereabouts or the fate of Lisa.

The prosecutor alleged that Mr Corner was responsible for her death, although no body has been found, and the Judge decided that in the interests of justice and based on past events, it would be appropriate for him to be detained in prison in Algeciras whilst additional investigations are undertaken.

In the same court, the Judge heard evidence from a second man identified only as JW, a resident of La Linea de la Concepcion who had apparently worked with Corner on his boat, which was moored in nearby Alcaidesa and whilst not imprisoning him, placed him on bail, with the surrender of his passport being a condition of release.

It has now been reported that prior to surrendering to the police in Copenhagen that Simon Corner was seen to throw mobile phones into the harbour, and police divers have recovered a number, which have been forwarded to the authorities in Spain for forensic investigation.



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