Outrage as images of Franco and Himmler projected onto castle during celebrations

© Miguel Angel Trigo/Twitter
Images depicting the vicious leaders did not go down well with locals.

THE tiny hamlet of Guadamur in Toledo province, Castilla-La Mancha, has been heavily criticised after giant images of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco and Nazi commander Heinrich Himler were projected onto the town’s castle during a local festival.

Red-faced town councillors explained that the projections were intended to illustrate the Second World War negotiations between Franco and the French Vichy regime headed by General Phillipe Petain, in order to secure the return of Visigoth treasures unearthed near the village, some of which ended up in France.

Residents were left horrified, however, with the imagery deemed inappropriate, and a similar degree of outrage was evident on social media, with left-wing political party Podemos even wading into the debate.

A hastily-published council statement read: “It was never the intention of the organisers, the documentary maker or collaborators to praise these people… or the actions of their governments.

“The town hall of Guadamur would like to apologise to those who were offended by any of the images shown.”


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