Internet sensation – Ludwik the hairless pig

© Instagram ludwik_guinea_pig
Ludwik is taking social media by storm.

A HAIRLESS guinea pig is taking the internet by storm, proving to be the latest big hit on social media.  

Usually posing with an array of veggie treats, Ludwik is hot on the heels of A-list celebrities, as currently he has more than 57,000 fans on Instagram with the number steadily growing. 

Agata Nowacka, Ludwik’s owner, from Warsaw, Poland found him deserted in a pet store, riddled with diseases and fungal infections, took him in and nursed him back to health.


About a year ago, she set up an Instagram account for Ludwik, who is a skinny guinea pig. 

The skinny guinea pig breed is a hairless variety which typically has hair on their muzzles and legs, and is a cross between haired guinea pigs and a hairless lab strain, reported to be from a genetic mutation identified in 1978. Because he has no hair Ludwik needs weekly baths and a daily moisturising regime to stay healthy.

Agata Nowacka said: “I photograph him every day so it can be hard to have fresh ideas, but Ludwik inspires me a lot.”

“I get a very positive reaction – most people think he’s really cute or funny.” 


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