British man who went missing six years ago found alive in Spain

© Pauline Green/Facebook
Matthew, pictured left, before he vanished.

A ROOFER who went missing from his home in Kent six years ago has been found in Spain, although authorities are unable to disclose exactly where he is, leaving his distraught parents heartbroken.

Matthew Green, then aged 26, disappeared from Sittingbourne on April 8, 2010 after telling his mum and dad that he was off to spend a weekend in London with friends, but that was the last they saw of him.

Pauline and Jim Green, aged 63 and 64, respectively, never gave up hope that their son was alive, and have now spoken of their relief at the news he is alive, having been informed by UK police on May 3.

Unfortunately, Spanish authorities refused to reveal where he is, or provide photographic proof due to ‘data protection laws’.

The now 32-year-old is believed to be in the care of Spanish social services after they paid him a visit following concerns over his welfare, during which he provided a number of names, including his real one, which they subsequently discovered in a missing persons database.

Interpol were contacted and a finger print match proved positive, but now his parents are unsure what to do, and have enlisted a criminologist after being knocked back by the British Embassy in Madrid, who also cited data protection due to Matthew’s age.

The couple have made a number of urgent appeals for information since their son vanished, and their hopes were raised when there were reported sightings in New Zealand in June 2013, but these turned out to be a case of mistaken identity.


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