‘We shall not be moved’ say peñas

© Emilio del Prado
DENIA FIESTA: Local associations are fighting to remain in the port area.

DENIA’S fiestas associations, the peñas, are fighting to remain in the port area during the July ‘bous a la mar’ fiestas.

The regional government’s decision to move the club headquarters or casetas where hospitality is available to all comers was announced at the beginning of the year. Since then opposition from the peñas whose members grapple with bulls at the water’s edge has grown with each passing month.

The town hall’s offer of the car park behind the town Planning Department was rejected out of hand, not least because the fun before and after the ‘bous a la mar’ bouts would be marred by the complaints of nearby residents. 

Jose Lopez who founded the Arreu peña 35years ago said “agreeing to move would be tantamount to signing our own death warrant. Once we move we’ll have to spend the fiestas just like everyone else.”


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