Man charged for attacking goatherd

MARO: The scene of the shocking incident

A MAN has been jailed by a Malaga Provincial Court for attacking a goatherd who refused to join him and snort cocaine.

The accused was found guilty of deliberately injuring another after the court heard how the goatherd, who was chatting on his mobile as his goats grazed in the area above the Maro cliffs, was approached by the man who encouraged him to have a line of cocaine and became aggressive when he was turned down.

The attacker put one arm round the shepherd’s neck while pulling out a small knife and stabbing him a number of times, causing his superficial wounds. 

During the struggle, the pair fell to the ground where the attacker carried on stabbing his victim until he managed to escape and seek help from a passing vehicle.

The accused, whose cocaine addiction was said to have affected his ability to control himself, will have to pay damages to his victim and a three-year restraining order has also been issued.


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