Stilettos a go-go in Torremolinos race

HIGH HEELS: The taller the better!

REGISTRATION for participants of the ‘High Heels and Bag Throwing Race,’ due to take place on Friday June 3 at this year’s Torremolinos Pride event, is open from this week until Thursday June 2 at 8pm, with all over the age of 16 welcome to participate.

The route and start time have yet to be finalised, but runners will be expected to be at the start line half-an-hour before the pistol fires.

Entrants must provide their DNI or NIE, and be wearing any type of footwear with a heel of at least 7cm, while wedges are NOT permitted.

In the middle of the race, contestants will be handed a box full of clothes, provided by organisers, and must don those that appeal, having first stripped off their own gear.

After crossing the finish line, competitors must then pick up one of the handbags provided and hurl it as far as possible. Runners will be disqualified should they arrive to the finish carrying their shoes, or wearing a different pair, but are permitted to continue in the event of a broken heel.

The winner will be decided by an independent jury who will score points for size of heels (taller being better), change of clothing, overall time, and length of bag throw.

Those wishing to register for the romp should email personal details to [email protected]


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