First birth with AneVivo, a new fertilization technique

ANEVIVO: A natural fertilisation technique.

THE first birth of a baby in Spain by a natural fertilisation technique called AneVivo, represents a breakthrough in assisted reproduction.

Under the new technique, fertilisation and early embryo development occurs in the uterus, rather than in the laboratory such as in IVF treatment.

Dr Marcos Ferrando, medical director of IVI Bilbao, the centre responsible for the first birth of a baby through this technique, said this has the advantage that it is a more natural procedure and the mother feels like more of a participant in the pregnancy.

He added: “The results are very good. The pregnancy rate, of the procedures we have done, is greater than with the conventional IVF in vitro technique.

But for now, being a new technique, the number of treatments is lower and it is too early to proclaim an exact success rate.”


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