Electrifying train lines in Mallorca

flickr by Alain GAVILLET
TRAINS: Mallorca’s trains should be running on electricity in early 2018.

THE project to convert Mallorca’s trains to a railway electrification system has been moved forward a year and is now in place for early 2018.

Vice president and councillor of Innovation, Research and Tourism Biel Barcelo and councillor of Land, Energy and Mobility Marc Pons announced that they have taken steps to request bids for the electrification of the trains.

It is expected that the winning bidder will be announced later this year and work will begin early in 2017. With the new time frame, the total electrification of the railway should be a reality in early 2018.

The system will save €630,000 each year on energy costs and stop the emission of around 630 tonnes of carbon dioxide. The project involves the installation of all the overhead power cables in the sections not currently using electricity, as well as the construction of six substations which will supply energy to the cables.

The work will be co-financed 50 per cent by the European Regional Development Fund.


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