Wean yourself off the sugar addiction — hints and help

Hidden sugar: Catches people unaware.

MANY experts now believe sugar is just as deadly an addiction as drink and drugs, with many people consuming far too much.

Whilst it may be easier to lay off the sweets and chocolate, nutritionists say it is the hidden sugar in foods that catch people unaware such as in pre-made pasta sauces and baked beans.

So what can you do to help wean yourself off sugar?

Try and keep your blood sugar balanced and avoid low blood sugar that will make you want to go and get something sweet for a quick fix, eat smaller amounts more regularly. Don’t go longer than three hours without eating, especially women, or your blood sugar levels will drop too low and your body will give you a craving for something sweet.

Weaning yourself off sugar can be easier for some than others.

Some may prefer to go cold turkey, others gradually reduce it. First, after removing from the house the obvious sources, such as chocolates and cakes, it is recommended to take out of your diet all the savoury foods that contain added sugar. Savoury foods such as sauces like Dolmio, which recently changed its packaging to show the sugar content, contain added sugar so look for healthier or home-made versions to remove this added sugar. Other foods deemed healthier such as yoghurts and cereal bars can also contain high levels of sugar, so check the labels.

Next, stop adding sugar to your hot drinks and other foods such as cereal. Checking the package of your cereal will show you if there is already sugar in it.

Detoxing from sugar can be difficult and it is normal to struggle with headaches, cravings, tiredness, spots and an upset stomach, but after the initial first few days your body will start to recalibrate itself. Cutting out sugar can reprogramme your taste buds and can improve your body, mind and mood, helping you to sleep better, have brighter and clearer sight and be less stressed.


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