Scots smuggler jailed in Peru set to be freed

Melissa right, Michaella left


THE second of two young British women jailed in Peru under drug trafficking charges looks set to be freed, following the release of her accomplice in March.

Melissa Reid, 22, from Lenzie, just outside of Glasgow, was imprisoned along with her friend Michaella McCollum, 23, of County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, in 2013 after being convicted of attempting to smuggle more than a million pounds worth of cocaine from the South American country, with 11 kilograms split between them as they prepared to fly to Madrid.


They were each handed a sentence of six years and eight months for their crimes, to which they plead guilty after previously saying they were roped into the affair under duress. Describing the events of August 6 2013 as a “moment of madness”, the girls had faced up to 15 years but managed to secure shorter sentences with the assistance of the British authorities negotiations behind closed doors.

McCollum was freed two months ago following the approval of new legislation in the country, infamous for its skyrocketing production of the drug following the demise of the Colombian cartels, which seeks to help rehabilitate offenders.

A court hearing on Friday May 13 reportedly suggested that Reid’s release may be imminent and the British government are preparing to bring her back to the United Kingdom.

The Peruvian magistrate ruled that Reid had shown genuine remorse for her actions and was willing to be properly reintegrated into society without posing a threat of reoffending.


  1. That’ll set an example, wont it?

    No innocent holiday maker or Tourist is readily handed almost a million pounds worth of drugs without being not only involved but well and truly known to the supplier. And how many young girls in their early 20’s travel to Peru for lawful purposes?

    Should lock them up and throw away the keys.


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