Lotus builds new ‘Lightweight Laboratory’

ELISE: Many close to 1,000 kg.

LOTUS has announced that it has managed to shave 207 kilograms from the weight of its cars in the first quarter of 2016, continuing a trend towards the lightweight elixir of a solid metric tonne.

Its heaviest car manufactured at the Lotus site in Norfolk weighed 1,395 kg, and many of its Elises are much closer to around 1,000.

Lotus has pioneered a lightweight approach to manufacturing and has now created its very own ‘Lightweight Laboratory,’ where engineers use special techniques and material to strip away excess baggage.

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Carbon fibre, forged alloy wheels, carbon sports seats, louvred rear windows and thinner body panels are key, as is the philosophy spouted by CEO Jean-Marc Gales who says “to make a perfect sports car, you must consider weight your enemy.”


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