Newspaper’s blatant untruths could hinder protest and affect justice

From left to right, Maura Hillen, Len Prior and Helen Prior.

THE ongoing battle between British expatriates, Len and Helen Prior and the Junta de Andalucia, made headlines again this week, for all the wrong reasons.

Newly launched, free newspaper, RTN, featured a story on its front page today (Friday May 13) in three editions covering Costa Blanca and Almeria where it clearly stated that a demonstration had taken place outside Vera town hall on Thursday April 19 although it was later amended to May 12 which is also incorrect!

The story was a complete fabrication, as the peaceful protest, organised by the home-owners’ association, AUAN, is in fact scheduled to take place next Thursday (May 19).


Accompanying the story were photographs from the AUAN website taken during a previous protest some time ago.

EWN has always supported the Priors, whose home was demolished without compensation in 2008 after being declared illegal, and would like to reiterate that the protest will be held at 12 noon, Thursday May 19.

AUAN president Maura Hillen told EWN: “This is planned as a peaceful protest to support the Priors and we are expecting a number of sister organisations including SOHA (Save Our Homes in Axarquia) to attend. We are not looking to apportion blame but to allow the Priors to be compensated for loss which will allow everyone to move on.”

She went on: “The protest will take place on May 19 and it did not happen yesterday as erroneously reported in RTN. It is important that people are not discouraged from attending next week because they think that the protest has been and gone.” 

EWN spoke to Helen Prior who had not initially seen the story, she said she was “disgusted” and described the number of occasions where she had heard false accounts of their case.

She added that she hoped people would realise the story was untrue and come along and support the peaceful protest next week.

The Prior’s case is close to the hearts of local residents who have followed the couple’s plight over the past eight years and many took to social media to express their outrage at the false story.

Even respected local journalist and blogger David Jackson made comment on this terrible faux pas and his blog can be read at under the title ‘Why send a journalist when you can make it up’

This is only the second edition of the RTN Almeria paper and the second where seriously unprofessional articles have been written. Perhaps for some, it is all very well bending the truth to suit a story but in their first edition they pretended that they were the only newspaper to be published in Almeria when there are plenty, all of which have longevity and truth behind them.

They then stated erroneously that they were the media partner of the British Consulate which is not the case and now they have run a piece that is not only incorrect but is a blatant lie as their reporter could not have attended a demonstration that didn’t happen or quote people who weren’t there.

If this is the standard of RTN whose principal boasted on Facebook the day before this disaster that he was enjoying Gin and Juice in Banus then everything they say must be questioned.

Real Estate agents around the area must be fuming as well considering the amount of trouble that they have gone to in order to try to calm potential nervous home buyers about the area and now this sort of mistake occurs. How can you believe that the market is recovered when you can’t even believe what appears in print?

The important thing is that the Priors should not suffer any more and the fact that they have gone through hell, living in terrible conditions and suffering major set-backs means that they deserve support not derision. They are a perfect example of British perseverance and they are an example to be admired by home owners across Spain.

EWN reporters will be attending next week’s protest and the true account will feature in our online edition following the event.




  1. This is quite unbelievable and I would like to know what and where the owners of the publication the RTN have done to compensate the people of the area.
    None of this gives a good impression to people who are looking to invest anywhere in Spain.
    It makes us all look as though we are working in the Wild West.
    They should be made to pay a compensation to the area as in my professional arena if this was to happen we would be denounced and sued.
    Not spending the clients money living the high life down on the Costa del Sol
    Let us not forget there is a film crew around loving this and the British viewers will be sat laughing late into the night with their coco at our expense
    Thank you RTN and I hope I do not see you around.
    Good luck to the Priors

  2. Hear hear Tracey girl some common sense at last.
    This is about poor Helen and Len who have been let down once again.
    Well not anymore we will be there marching righ beside you
    You have fought long enough on your own and now to be let down by these bastards.
    Come on Euesdens do what you do best and sue the bastards and give the money to the Priors

  3. As the Publisher of the EWN I have asked the webmaster not to publish any comments which are derogatory about ANY advertisers in the área.
    There is no excuse for the RTN debacle and should the EWN family have done this I would have had no option but to resign from my position as Managing Director.
    This is not a story about getting a few facts wrong or a few spelling mistakes even on a masthead – it is complete fabrication – WITH MASSIVE IMPACT on peoples lives.
    The last time I recall this happening was with the British Public braying for the blood of Piers Morgan over the publication of fake photographs.
    Regionally this is of the same magnitude.
    It is NOT a mistake it is deliberate for reasons known only to those who allowed it to be published.
    However I re iterate it has nothing to do with the advertisers or the sponsors.
    They are as innocent in all of this as The Priors.
    The treatment of The Priors has affected the área in monetary losses that are not quantifiable therefore all of the people who have invested in property and or a business in the región just as we have done need support not ridicule.
    ALL advertisers past,present and future are investors in our business therefore we have nothing but respect and praise for each and everyone of them.
    So now let us turn this negative into a postive and make the 19th May turnout bigger than anyone ever expected.
    March United to ensure the future growth of the región.
    Good Luck


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