Major wades in to support Remain campaign

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John Major.

FORMER Prime Minister, Sir John Major, will be accusing the EU Leave campaigners in the Conservative party of fuelling prejudice on immigration and turning into UKIP, in a speech today, May 13. 

In a no-nonsense speech, Major, who is no stranger to multiculturalism, having grown up in Brixton, proposes certain MPs are risking creating divisions in society as they stir up fears for the sake of the campaign. 

It has been reported he is due to say: “As the Leave arguments implode one by one, some of the Brexit leaders morph into UKIP, and turn to their default position – immigration,” 

“This is their trump card. I urge them to take care. This is dangerous territory that – if handled carelessly – can open up long-term divisions in our society.”

The speech is planned at Oxford University in a high-profile intervention to support the Remain campaign. 

He is also due to say: “We mustn’t overlook genuine concerns, but these should be expressed with care, honesty and balance. Not in a manner that can raise fears or fuel prejudice.

“The Leave campaign is crossing that boundary, and I caution them not to do so. We must not let emotions be stirred by false fear – nor allow that false fear to impair our judgement on the future of our country.”

Major has famously poured scorn on the Tory ‘Outers,’ and previously Iain Duncan Smith, Sir Bill Cash and Bernard Jenkin were against Major´s move to sign the Masstricht treaty which went ahead in the 1990´s. 

Whilst typically reports from the ´Leave´ campaign including the Justice Secretary Michael Gove, are claiming the ´Remains´ are getting nervous. 

He recently said: “I am struck by some of the language from Remain campaigners. 

“It does suggest that they’re slightly rattled. I think some of the language and some of the postures from some of the Remain campaigners suggest that they feel a sense of entitlement.

“The fact that interventions like Barack Obama’s seem not to have affected the polls, and certainly not to have affected the polls in the way that the Remain camp would have thought, must be destabilising for some of them.”

Whilst the Conservatives are looking increasingly splintered, the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has encouraged young people to make sure their voices are being heard and vote in the referendum in June by launching a voter registration. 

He said: “This is your chance to make it clear that a vote to remain is about taking control of your future.”

“The people who will be most affected by the decision we make in next month’s EU referendum will not be my generation, but your generation.

“It is young people who will make the difference in this referendum.”

Another keen remain campaigner, Harriet Harman has claimed that women´s rights will be at stake if the UK leaves the EU, as movements in equal pay and maternity pay will be at risk. 

“And why should we trust the likes of Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan Smith or Nigel Farage with our rights as women,” she said. “Even if they say they’d guarantee not to go below the rights for women that the EU guarantees – I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them.”

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  1. I am not really sure who are more confused, current politicians or ex politicians! You say Major states: “As the Leave arguments implode one by one, some of the Brexit leaders morph into UKIP, and turn to their default position – immigration”, hummm….. I think it’s the Remain arguments that are imploding! There are many reasons to leave, for some it is Sovereignty and Democracy, for some it is immigration along with other reasons but the Remain camp seem to jump on whatever they feel like on that day… as they loose their arguments! I have never heard so much rubbish from so many who are supposed to be the elite that rule us and we should look up to, they dig deeper and deeper pulling out failed organisations and people to support their cause, those like the IMF, BOE and CBI who told us we our economy would be destroyed if we didn’t join the EURO! We are being told to listed to people who have never got one forecast right in the last several years (G Osborn and IMF) CL is currently being investigated for fraud… granted she has not been found guilty but investigation is taking rather long… like other investigations the elite members of our society are involved in seem to.

    I personally hope there is Brexit for the UK and it’s people “even if many British don’t actually understand what it is all about” but I will be glad when I do not have to listen to the the rubbish being shoved down our necks by some of the biggest clowns in our society 😉

  2. What a load of rubbish.
    Remember Enoch Powell in the 70’s????
    What he said will come to happen.
    personal experience says so the uk gove does not care about it’s own people- they care about the immigrants and
    the coloured ones especially al they have to say is ‘racial prejudice’ and who ever they are arguing with
    back down- fine – but when people doing their job say no and then get the sack over a wog then it will happen

  3. Well Mike, that’s a good balanced argument you have for leaving . Just blast everyone who supports staying in and make sure you blacken a few names. What a surprise your last paragraph makes your real feelings obvious.
    Never mind all the financial experts and business leaders who support the in campaign and warn against the dangers to the UK economy. None of them count because their advice before has all been wrong. Really?
    The amazing thing, you appear to live in Spain and support leaving. The consequences could be disastrous for those who choose to live here as EU citizens.
    Never mind the rhetoric, stay in!

  4. Kay,

    This does not even warrant a reasoned reply, particularly when you use such language.
    Immigrants are all colours – from white to black, picking out one ethnic group is prejudicial to any discussion.
    Best you keep your comments to yourself and not publishh them on an open forum.

  5. Robin, I don’t need to blacken any names, any names that are blackened, are through their own doing!

    The amazing thing Robin is that you appear to be of the same thinking as many other expats and you just don’t get it, it doesn’t matter if I live in Spain or the UK, their isn’t going to be that much difference… Anyway, as far as I am concerned the most important things are the UK’s democracy and sovereignty, then other things kick in like gravy train and corruption, the amount of the rich that soak up agricultural payments etc. things that where there to compensate farmers but are sponged up by the rich (You might have heard about DC’s father in law, the £10M creamed by Kinnock, the unelected presidents of the EU parliament, the 10,000 people in the Brussels parliament that earn more than the UK PM) all the rest of things/reasons I have no room for here.
    I don’t give a dam about many things expats ‘and seemingly you from your last paragraph’ appear to be interested in, free medicine, pension increases, themselves, the sun… you know those things! People fought in wars and in the courts throughout our history for democracy, the democracy that used to be so important but expats now only have interest in themselves and their last few years, not their countries democracy or the consequences of loosing it for the UK’s citizens of the future!

    The consequences “will” be drastic if we remain! Note I didn’t use the famous over used Remain word “could” as you and others like you over use.


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