Tourist trap with a shock difference in Torrevieja

DELFIN SUBMARINE: Finding one open to the public was a dream come true, but not for long!

ONE tourist got more than he bargained for when he was locked in Torrevieja’s Delfin submarine last week.

Martin Devlin was the unlucky visitor: “For almost 50 years I have had a fascination about submarines and finding one open to the public here in Spain was like a dream come true for me, but that dream almost turned into a nightmare.”

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The attraction was supposed to be open until 2pm but someone decided to close up early at around 12.15pm with Martin still inside. The 66-year-old said: “The first I knew of the problem was when I returned to the torpedo room in the bow of the boat to find the hatch I had entered by closed.”

Fortunately someone on deck heard Martin and soon released him, otherwise he fears he would have been left there all night with no phone signal and a concerned partner at home not knowing where he was.

After getting over the initial shock and anger, Martin reported the incident and the town hall has promised to look into the matter.



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