There will be war in Europe

DAVID CAMERON: His claims that we would be more at risk of war should we leave the EU is ludicrous.

CAMERON’s claims that we would be more at risk of war should we leave the EU is ludicrous.

It is the pathetic rambling of a man, slowly but surely losing the battle to keep the UK aligned to an organisation that is failing its members on a scale that is becoming more dangerous as we speak. Be under no illusions however, there will be war in Europe, irrespective of whether we opt out or not.

The adversary is already within. Leaving the EU and consequently securing our borders will make us safer, mainly by keeping the numbers of the militant Islamists population down and more manageable when it all kicks off. It has, of course, already begun.

Sweden, a country that has been the most welcoming to Muslim/Arab immigrants is already verging on civil war. Recent rioting involved untold numbers of young Muslim men and lasted more than a week.

Hundreds of cars were set alight and one resident described the area as looking like a battle scene.

On a recent visit to the country Mr Mudan Zahran, himself a Muslim, stated that Sweden’s welcoming and tolerance have been abused by Muslims. They have responded to Sweden’s kindness, by seeking to Islamise the country. Another resident remarked: “I just feel sad for the insults we get from many Arabs and Muslims in this town. We look on them as Swedes and they look on us as the enemy!”

How heart-wrenching and how telling is that? Germany has also received a series of riots perpetrated by Islamist militants. Last Ramadan largely unreported incidents involving mobs shouting Allahu Akbar torched cars and attacked the police in a series of incidents lasting up to four days.

France and Belgium have also experienced Islamic violence in their towns and cities. And on it goes. One of the results of the authority’s unwillingness to engage the situation is the emergence of many far right organisations.

Support for these parties is growing by the day. And they are prepared to meet violence with violence. Result? Civil war. EU or no EU.


  1. There already has been a war in Europe and the mighty EU could not stop it or the slaughter of tens of thousands of people,the destruction of towns and cities,looting,rape and near starvation.
    In case you don’t remember,it was the former Yugoslavia,where war criminals remained openly at large for 30 years.

  2. You hit the nail on the head Leapy!!! There can be little doubt that we need to control our borders fully to stop this Muslim menace. There are so many idiots who ignore this threat and say, “Oh it will never happen” and they are fools. They cannot see the facts as they are.
    For Britain there is no other sensible option than to leave if we do not wish to be embroiled in this coming catastrophe.
    There can be little doubt that Brussels wants to run the entire ‘United States of Europe’ as the only government, and we should not be part of it.
    Already the people of Germany, France, Sweden, Holland and several other countries want a referendum on leaving the E.U., and if that happens I can see the whole E.U. disintegrating.
    On the question of defence, we have NATO as our common defence so there is no need to worry on that score.

  3. I’m just wondering how leaving the EU, which allows free movement to European citizens, is going to keep Muslims out?
    Given that most Muslims who live in Europe were either born there or nationalised, they’re already in their ‘own country’, so borders are not going to ‘get rid of’ them, are they?
    Muslims coming from their native countries will be subject to the same border controls post-Brexit that they are now. (Unfortunately, so will Europeans be – in both directions).
    I’d rather get rid of bigots of all descriptions than I would Muslims. I’d rather close the borders of Spain (and the internet) to those who collectively hate others based upon their religion or nationality. The Muslims in my town are perfectly decent people, and theirs are the only shops open between 13.00 and 17.30 or on a Saturday afternoon.
    I love the way the only argument pro-Brexiteers have against the ‘remain’ camp is that everything the latter says is ‘pathetic’ and ‘piffle’. Fairly typical of those with no reasoning power and who lack convincing, adult arguments: insults are the last resort of the closed-minded.

  4. Hola,
    I’m Swedish and resident in Spain. I read the EWN almost every week. Normally I find the paper well written and balanced.
    Today’s Leapay Lee (should be Sleepy Lee!) makes me really pissed off though. How can any newspaper publish such nonsens. Sleepy has no idea whatsoever what it’s like in Sweden.
    Besides when it comes to war or not, I think Sleepy is wrong. We must never forget our history. The EU is most of all a peace project and as such we have to deal with some problems but we can do that. There is for sure one man who’s very pleased if Brexit comes through – Mr P in R-a.
    Finally, I hope there is courage enough to publish these views of mine.

  5. The EU has been, and is, a disaster for Britain. It has undermined our education and health care.

    It has caused a housing shortage with house prices rocketing making housing un-affordable for a large percentage of the population.

    It has undermined our culture and way of life. It is destroying our values and history.

    It has undermined our legal system with over 82 government approved sharia courts in England.

    To preserve our culture and values and ensure our freedom and future prosperity the only way is to free ourselves from the strangling tentacles of the EU and BREXIT. Out to save Britain

  6. All you have to do is think of the following:

    Does anyone actually think that a prime minister in control of a country would give the people of that country a referendum to leave a union, if doing so was going to create so much danger with the economy and security? No disrespect to ppl who want to vote remain because if they believe this man and his puppets rubbish but they are as gullible as DC thinks they are! You watch the knighthoods, peerages or CBE’s that start getting handed out over the next couple of years if we remain… democracy eh!

    I am sure there will be a lot more unrest in the EU in the future because of immigration. Remember the immigration issues that the Brussels elite have failed to deal with and is causing this unrest * is only one problem * that has been brought on them! I just have no idea of the words that could be used to make me feel satisfied I have fully described these elite without using expletives. 😉

    I really do hope ppl “look into” the pros and cons fully before they vote. I actually feel disappointed with my fellow British when I hear them say they want to remain because of jobs and muslims… or the sun 😉 There are so many other reasons that are so much more important, sovereignty, erosion of democracy, the NHS, schools, housing, welfare expenditure, security and that is not including belonging to a union that could be argued as being run in similar manner as that of a mafia organisation!

  7. So far the only thing I read here is the opinion of an over opinionated prat columnist and his followers.
    The whole leave campaign is based on the personal interests and for the benefit of those who lead
    The remain campaign is the same.
    Nowhere have I been able to find a really fair and objective comparison of the advantages or disadvantages for being in or out.
    The public is being fed propaganda like this from these and others based purely on their own personal opinion.
    The whole thing is a sham and we the public are being “conned” whatever the outcome.
    We simply do not have enough information to make are true and well informed decision.
    This of course is how the leaders of both campaigns want it as it suits their personal interests.

    I would suggest we all boycott the vote until the real facts are made known.

  8. Stan
    Some of the things you write are true but the Tories under Major damaged the Health system by introducing lots of health trusts with CEO,s on six figure salaries and huge individual beurocracies that take money away from the mescal care sector.

  9. Why Muslim menace. Not everyone trying to enter is a Muslim. The reality is we should be banning religion. This is the real menace. People who believe in fairy stories written hundreds of years ago trying to impose their views on others.
    Nearly all wars are basically due to religious or cultural differencs..

  10. @Yerret, great response. I like your thinking re the vote, but boycotting it won’t help; it’ll just mean the least-informed and most-vocal will make a knee-jerk vote that the rest of us have to suffer. (I’ve cast mine already. Ballot paper took just two d

  11. Roy
    I don,t believe in religions. However I agree we must strengthen our border controls and protect our national culture which is broadly based on the Christian faith we must also tread carefully or we may become like hitler who had to get rid of the Jewish menace

    and we all know where that ended.

  12. Kally

    The thing about this referendum is that we are being fed information and propaganda by politicians. Like many other people I f a politician shook my hand I would check to see if I still had a watch.

    Before a embarking on this venture the government should have assembled independent think tank to produce a report based on the facts. This should have been made avaeilable to every familly in the country.

    Neither side impresses me but Farage reminds me of a doubl glazing salesman. Gove reminds me of the geek in my class at school and bore us Johnson is just a totally irresponsible clown who encouraged cyclists tonriskntheir lives and health in Londons traffic and exhaust polluted air.

    On the other Side Cameron, in my opinion is a spineless wimp who simply does not have the balls to stand up and tell Merkel and company to get stuffed.

    I would prefer to stay and I would definitely vote to stay if the bunch of corrupt has beens called Commissioners was disbanded and a group of prominent people who have actually proved themselves replaced them.


  13. lets start by telling the truth
    how many countries are wanting a referendum to leave europe i will give you the list you can check them all out like i have
    they already have met to make a free trade agreement between each other when they leave europe check it out
    Jean claud junkers president of Brussels has said on video
    f this happens Europe is finished check it out
    so if Britain decides to stay in who can they trade with
    on top of this how many countries are sending back muslims itis being covered up but it is hundreds of thousands this started last week if you check it out you will find it is true lets start by telling the truth,now how many countries are now closing down mosques check it out before talking only speak the truth its been in the newspapers,Facebook twitter internet .check it out

  14. Kally,I never said that Yugoslavia was in the EU,I said that the EU was unable to prevent a long and bloody war in the heart of Europe in which tens of thousands of people were murdered and tortured,towns and cities were destroyed and starvation became a reality in Europe once again.
    Is all that A FACT or is it not.?

  15. @Sean Dobson: It may be a fact, yes, but the EU has little control over countries which aren’t in it. The EU can’t prevent a war in a country that isn’t a member State. Whilst the 28 existing countries are united, the chances of war would be very, very sl

  16. It is NATO that helps stop wars not the EU and we are not voting to leave NATO!

    Anyone that votes to remain is probably voting to bring us nearer to a civil uprising within EU countries and that is something that could actually lead to war, not a high % chance of an actual war but certainly more so than leaving would but civil unrest and support in the left is growing rapidly throughout the EU. Brussels and the EC are trying to turn a blind eye to it in the hope it goes away just as they turn a blind eye to the problems created by keeping the EURO, they just don’t want to know anything different than the way they think! It could also be argued that the EU is rocking Putin’s boat, you might not think it is that but for sure Putin does on the EU making agreements with the Ukraine… very dangerous ground!

    Europe is a different place now than it was 50 years ago and before, things need to be looked at differently than they would have been 50 years ago, if it is civil unrest and problems you want then voting to remain is bringing people in the UK nearer to them, not preventing them, it’s just a shame your relations couldn’t see that far before they voted.

  17. There will be civil unrest or even civil war in several EU countries , Muslims will be told to leave , along with current EU leaders , and borders will be closed . The unfortunate part is the EU will probably collapse , and there will be repercussions on the financial sector world wide , maybe even a depression as in the 1920’s

  18. There is no longer unity across the EU , and the civil unrest will come from the population , who are fed up with incompetent , arrogant and often corrupt politicians and political parties , who talk of populism and not democracy

  19. If referendums had been the norm in Europe , the system would work as well as it does in Switzerland , but arrogant incompetent politicians have created the problems they have today

  20. It would appear that not only in Europe but across the world , the real problems come from religion . Maybe in Europe we have to ban religions as a security risk .
    In Arab and Asian nations who refuse to accept migrants , do it because they know the consequences even between Muslims of conflict

  21. @PG, I agree many wars are caused by religion (although hunger for power, blind ambition, money, and macho alpha-maleness are equally at fault. Even in tribal wars and dating back centuries, it was the need for power and oppression and showing off how ‘bl

  22. @PG (part II!!!) Extremism in religion is the problem, not religion itself. I’ve been on the receiving end of extreme Christian bigotry because of who I am, my DNA (female, and once married to a woman), and much of what WASPs criticise about Islam is very

  23. It is a lack of religion that causes wars,what a wonderful peaceful world it would be if everyone obeyed just 3 of the commandments, unto others as thou would have done unto thy self others as thy self
    3.thou shalt not kill


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