No frills King as monarch opts for €11 motorway lunch

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The King poses with restaurant staff before his post-luncheon nap.

SPAIN is known for being home to Europe’s cheapest monarchy, with a budget of ‘only’ €7.86 million for 2016, and King Felipe VI appeared eager to prove the point on Monday May 9, wolfing down a set menu worth an astronomical €11 on Monday May 9.

Sharing a table with Education Minister Iñigo Mendez de Vigo at the open-all-hours Puerta de Extremadura roadside eatery, His Majesty was obviously peckish as he went for the full three course option, choosing rabbit with potatoes as a starter before tucking into meat and salad, then cake and a banana for dessert.

The minister sampled cow’s tongue, beef, and soup.


After his frugal lunch, the supreme ruler chatted with diners and posed for photos with employees of the restaurant, located in Calzada de Oropesa, Toledo.

The officials had been forced to return to Madrid by road after their helicopter was grounded due to bad weather after they had delivered the Carlos V European Award to a teacher at the Yuste Monastery in Caceres, Extremadura

It remains unclear whether the illustrious pair left a tip.


  1. Well done,King Philip,that is how to set an example to everyone that you really are in touch with the people and understand that austerity is still very much a reality for many of your people.


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