Jose Mourinho fined over tax returns

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Mourinho fined.

IT has been reported that former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has been fined nearly £800,000 (€1,016,000) over his tax returns. 

Including a fine and unpaid tax, Mourinho was ordered to pay the Spanish authorities £1.6 million (€2.03 million). 

The authorities are examining four years of tax returns starting in 2010, which coincided with when he was managing Real Madrid. 

The football boss is rumoured to be next in line to take charge at Manchester United in the summer. When working at Stamford Bridge, the father-of-two earned £13 million (€16.51 million) a year. It is reported that he declined the offer of an appeal after being notified of the alleged discrepancies and decided to pay out straight away, some say to stop the situation from escalating. 

After a terrible start to Chelsea´s season last year, Mourinho was sacked as their hopes of retaining the Premier league title, and even a shot at the Champions league, were left in tatters. 

The tax report outlined ‘irregularities,’ which are thought to have shown up during a routine tax inspection by authorities, which showed Mr Mourinho benefitting from paying less tax, whilst earning from big advertisers. 


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