First Occupation Licence?

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TO register your property for short-term holiday lets under the new Andalucian law, the form to get the licence requires a copy of the First Occupation Licence. I have owned my home for 20 years and I cannot find this licence.

I believe it was issued by the town hall to the builder or developer so he could sell the property. Without it I understand services cannot be connected. Do subsequent purchasers of the property need it?

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Properly, yes, the First Occupation Certificate should be available on subsequent sales of the property.

Some municipalities have a Second Occupation Certificate to replace it. However, thousands of long-term Andalucian property owners are in the same situation that you are, without the certificate.

Your solution is to go to your town hall and request a copy of the certificate they originally issued, or a document which can replace it. Different town halls handle it differently, but this is the place to start.

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