Discover Axarquia with new promotion leaflet

NERJA: Plays an important role in this year’s promotional leaflet.

NERJA plays an important role this year in a leaflet created by the Commonwealth of Costa del Sol-Axarquia Municipalities, to promote the main tourist attractions, gastronomy and events that are held during the year in the area.

Thirty-nine photographs have been chosen to illustrate the leaflet, along with a selection of local products and popular traditions that all add up to make the destination attractive.

“Our aim when creating the leaflet is to show all the things that make Axarquia attractive and enable it to compete with any other tourist destination. Therefore we wanted to include a lot of photos to make it eye-catching, along with well-written text to sum up what the area has to offer. We want to show our area off and get across the message that people ought to come and discover it for themselves,” said Tourism spokesman Juan Peñas.


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