Around the world in 1095 days

Nacho took 3 years to walk around the world.

FOUR continents, 31 countries, 33,000 kilometres and 12 pairs of shoes.

Malaga native Nacho Dean has just returned home to a rapturous reception in Malaga after circumnavigating the globe on foot in just three years.

Leaving from Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, Nacho headed through Europe, taking in France, Italy, Croatia and Serbia before hitting Asia, where he passed through Turkey, Iran, India, Bangladesh and Thailand, before hopping on a plane to Australia.

He then stomped his way through the Americas, including Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras, among others, with Portugal his final destination before returning to Madrid in late March.

Nacho came up with the idea to encourage current generations to consider their legacy, believing that the planet is not an inheritance from our parents, but on loan from our children.

He says there is an urgent need to change the way we live, as pollution, climate change, ecosystem destruction and extinction of species continue apace, with his mission to highlight the natural beauty of Earth using the most ecologically-friendly form of transport available: his own two feet.

Check out Nacho’s blog detailing his journey at


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