West Midlands police obscure identities of three vulnerable victims

© West Midlands Police
Three Little Lambs.

THREE sheep thieves have been banged up behind baaars after West Midlands police arrested them following the poaching of three lambs who were recovered from the back of a people carrier. 

The Police issued a statement publicising the rescue of the young lambs saying that the sheep’s features had to be blurred due to their “age and vulnerability.” 

Filled with sheepish puns, the press release outlined how officers noticed the “three woolly back-seat passengers” being driven in a Ford Galaxy along a road in Yardley, Birmingham, early Tuesday May 10 in the morning.

After a short lived chase, the car then decided to stop whilst police tried to herd the fleeing men. 

According to information from the local force, units including a dog handler and the police helicopter “flocked to the scene” in a bid to find the suspects.

They continued that their “shear determination” paid off after finding the men hiding in nearby gardens. 

Three Romanian nationals, aged 22, 27 and 28 are being held by police on suspicion of theft. 

Luckily the lambs were unhurt after their ordeal and are currently being temporarily housed on a farm in Sheldon while their owners are trying to be traced by Police.  

Inspector Paul Southern said: “It’s not every day we recover live stolen property, but the lambs seem none the worse for their adventure.

“We are now trying to trace where they came from and are asking farmers to check their flocks to see if they have any missing.”


  1. not surprised with what the uk gov expect people to live on after all ‘lamb is tasty’
    I bet the lambs owners do not even know they are missing
    I am not in favour of criminals but I think the gov is to blame


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