Marbella keeps the Status Quo

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Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt.

AS part of what is billed as their very last electric tour which will include a stopover in Benidorm, Status Quo who have been playing non-stop for nearly 50 years have been announced as the latest band to be added to the Starlite festival on August 19.

Initially the band had a number of names including the Scorpions and the Spectres, but they didn’t take the name Status Quo until 1967 by which time, the two main guitarists, Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt had worked together for a number of years.

The band has been exceptionally popular for most of their career moving from the psychedelia of the early 60s to the 12 bar blues and head down boogie, for which they are so well-known today. 

Despite never being a critic’s band, they have won awards and regularly sold out concert tours, enjoying significant record and cd sales with some 40 albums, 60 singles and even a guest appearance on Coronation Street under their belts.

Rick Parfitt has owned properties in the Costa del Sol for several years and has recently entered into a real estate business venture as well.


  1. Is it posible that someone can tel me when Status Quo come to Benidorm. Francis and Rick. I live on de Costa Blanca i read the Euro Weekly but that seams to be a differant one frome de Costa del sol. ?¿? Ty iff someone wil / can let me knowe.

  2. I went to their ‘End of the Road Tour’ in 1984. It was billed as their last tour ever. Here they are, still going. I feel conned! Do you think I could get my money back?

  3. Maarten it looks like the Benidorm concert originally announced has been moved to Plaza de Toros de Alicante on August 21 but I think Dilip may have left it a little late for a refund.


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