Demystifying the Guardia Civil in Periana

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Guardia Civil vehicle.

ALTHOUGH primarily formed to protect the interests of those who are in danger of having their houses demolished due to improper licensing of developments, Save Our Homes Axarquia (SOHA) also works to promote good relationships and greater assimilation into the local community.

They have therefore arranged for an officer of the Periana Guardia Civil, Juan Jose Aguilera Tejada to speak to expatriates at a groundbreaking event where he will be explaining the role of the Guardia Civil.

He will also advise attendees how to make simple crucial contacts with the Guardia Civil, such as emergency calls, and reporting a crime. The essentials of home security will also be covered in the presentation.


It is hoped that the talk, which will be conducted in English, will help to forge a healthy relationship between the Guardia Civil and expatriates, based on trust, and leading to more efficient control of crime through cooperation and understanding.

The actual meeting will take place at 11.30am on May 19 at the Restaurante La Era, Calle Puente Don Manuel, 8, 29713 Puente de Salia. Admission is free although lunch will be served after the talk at a cost of €8 per person, and any additional proceeds will go towards the ongoing funding of SOHA.

This is the sort of initiative that many English speakers will find interesting and admission is not exclusively for SOHA members, but all English speaking expatriates will be most welcome to attend. The entire thrust of the day is to try to help them to understand the role of the Guardia Civil and how to take advantage of their services particularly when in difficulty.


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