Lisa Brown’s boyfriend arrested

Simon Corner at Malaga airport

A REPORT in a Liverpool newspaper has revealed that Simon Corner, the some-time boyfriend of disappeared Lisa Brown, was arrested in Copenhagen three weeks ago under a European Arrest Warrant.

According to the report, which quotes members of Lisa’s family who have been kept up to date by the Guardia Civil, he has now appeared before a court and is due to be extradited to Spain on May 11.

Simon Corner has spent a busy few months since the disappearance as he travelled to the Far East, returned to Spain supposedly to meet the police, fell out with his legal adviser and then was discovered in Denmark having left Spain apparently without having been interviewed.

As Lisa was living in Sotogrande at the time of her disappearance, it is likely that his first Spanish court appearance will be in San Roque from where he will be passed to the Guardia Civil for interview.


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