The secret of a perfect marriage

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Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, separate stars.

ONE of our readers has found the solution to the perfect marriage, which is on the face of things very obvious although we do suspect that this may not be quite enough for everyone, otherwise a whole range of very wealthy people, running from Prince Charles and Princess Diana, to Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, to more recently Kris and Caitlyn Jenner would still be happily married.

Below however is the recipe that may well save a good number of disagreements in the future, according to reader Eddie Cheeseman:

Although I am more used to coming up with food recipes, I have nevertheless come up with the recipe for the perfect marriage.

No need for separate beds, separate holidays or separate friends or even the need for secret assignations, the answer is simply separate bathrooms.

No more seat-up seat-down arguments, no more discarded wet towels or dirty bathtubs, no holding it in or queuing up to use the most important room in the house, the bathroom.

No more fighting for shelf space or what we choose to put on them, covered in makeup versus covered in comics, peace now rules in our house.

A secret birthday surprise for my wife, was confirmed by the hotel…to my wife! So they compensated us by giving us a suite, one bedroom with two bathrooms. It’s never been the same since.



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