Show off speedster who filmed himself is traced by National Police

© National Police

OFFICERS of the National Police in Madrid have arrested a young man who recorded videos of himself while driving recklessly, which he then posted on social networks. 

He was seen to drive at very high speeds and perform reckless manoeuvres that could have caused serious injury, to both himself and innocent road users. In addition he filmed himself taking drugs, and this is actually the first arrest of its kind based on self-recorded evidence in Spain.

The driver shared on his Twitter account several videos, recorded with his own mobile phone, through the Periscope application, which allows broadcasting of live images. In one of them, the young man was shown at night on motorways around Madrid, driving at speeds of more than 195 kmh, even in sections where the limit is 100 kmh.


Disgusted twitter users complained to the twitter account @police, and by analysing the videos, officers were able to identify and arrest the young man in the Madrid suburb of Rivas-Vaciamadrid.


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