Kitty tweets from Ecuadorean Embassy

© Twitter @EmbassyCat
Assange's children bought him a kitten

AS the fourth anniversary of Julian Assange’s diplomatic asylum in the Ecuadorean embassy approaches, his children have bought him a cat for company.  

Fast becoming an internet star in his own right, the yet unnamed cat, has had his every prowl documented via Twitter with the pen name @EmbassyCat. The kitten is a special breed, a descendant of a European Wildcat. 

Forty-four-year-old Assange is wanted for questioning in Sweden with regards to allegations he sexually assaulted two women, which he denies but the WikiLeaks founder will not leave the security of the Ecuadorean embassy over fears he could be extradited to the United States for questioning over his controversial website. 


Earlier in the year, a group from the UN claimed that the UK and Sweden are violating Julian Assange’s human rights, calling for his release and compensation due to his being detained without charge. 

The activist’s lawyers are calling on Swedish courts to enforce the UN group’s claims and are filing their legal case on May 9. 

Proceedings could begin at the end of this month if their request is accepted, but for now Assange seems to have his hands full with his Kitty Tweets. 


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