A Marriage Made In… Ciudad Patricia

Chris and Joe in Gibraltar.

We’re delighted to tell the story of Chris and Joe, who have together found true happiness in their senior years, against the backdrop of their wonderful life at Ciudad Patricia.  We pick up their stories after Chris and Joe originally came to Ciudad Patricia around 5 years ago. Sadly, both their partner passed on but as we all know, love really does move in mysterious ways.

Their friends decided that neither Chris nor Joe should even have the chance of feeling lonely and so they were invited – individually – for a Friday lunch. It was really just friends taking care of friends, the way friends do! 

Well one lunch turned into a regular Friday lunch for the small group of friends and that’s one of the great things of Ciudad Patricia, you never know who you’re going to meet. A coming together of different people, all with a different background with different stories and backgrounds, all of whom can become close new friends.

Anyway, back to Chris and Joe. They decided that seeing as they were in the same boat, why not have a few extra lunches – just as friends, just to be sociable. But soon, they realised that they were more than just good friends, and decided to move in together.  

Being ‘traditional’, they decided and agreed that if they were going to live together, they should be married and so in January this year, joined by Joe’s son and daughter, they journeyed to Gibraltar and tied the knot! On returning to Ciudad Patricia, they celebrated in style with 21 of their friends at the Vintage Café in Albir 

It’s wonderful to see Chris and Joe, to hear their story and to see how they’ve found a happy future together. In fact, if you were to meet them, you’d swear they were getting younger by the day!

For the future, Chris and Joe are looking forward to enjoying life together, do some travelling, especially to explore more of Spain with a trip planned to Seville in the near future. We wish them all the happiness in the world.

It all just goes to show that not only is Ciudad Patricia a great place to live, and has the potential for a great life when you live there, it’s also a place to experience life to full – even if you are in your senior years.



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