National Police free malnourished dogs and horses

National Police
Just one of the distressed animals discovered on the farm

ON SUNDAY May 8, the National Police announced that they had arrested two men, one aged 44 and the other 75 in Velez Malaga for the mistreatment of four dogs and 22 horses.

The men have now been charged with animal abuse and the animals themselves have been passed into the care of veterinary surgeons and animal sanctuaries although one pony was so ill that it had to be put down due to a serious and incurable problem with one of its legs.

The officers were first alerted to the plight of the animals by an animal charity which believed that they had effectively been abandoned and when the police checked, they established that not only were the animals malnourished but were restrained in dangerous facilities which did not comply with the law.

The dogs were all in very poor condition, showing signs of near starvation as well as infection and none of them carried the mandatory identification chips which are required in all dogs within three months of birth.

Earlier this year, two other dogs who were in a very poor state had been ‘rescued’ an animal protection organisation and they have returned to good health but their discovery led to this raid and arrests.


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