End of an era


Costa resorts have split personalities. Their existence depends on entertaining hundreds of thousands of tourists lapping up sun, sea and sand during the day and gulping down nightlife once the sun sets.

But the people who cater to their needs want a good night’s sleep and that’s when the trouble starts. This was brought home by an Alicante High Court verdict ordering the closure of Benidorm’s Tiki Beach that was welcomed by the seafront pub’s immediate neighbours.

And not only the Tiki Beach’s owners were worried by its implications because bar and pub owners fear this ruling could set a precedent.

The Alicante judges cited the “grave problems” caused by the Tiki Beach’s loud music and the “unbridled behaviour” of the pub’s largely British clientele.

As the Tiki Beach proprietors prepare to appeal the Alicante ruling pub, bar and disco owners warn that this could drastically alter Benidorm’s nightlife.

Victor Navarro, president of the sector’s Ociobal association expressed support for the Tiki Beach owners. He also voiced worries that the Alicante verdict brought into question the validity of the resort’s noise control measures. “It creates a worrying situation where we are at the mercy of our neighbours,” Navarro said.


  1. Tiki beach is a day bar not just for Brits other Europeans use this bar met some great people from all over Europe
    Yes there is noise and lots of fun I’ve yet to see a fight break out
    Over the last year the owners have turned the music down to a acceptable level no glasses allowed outside the bar
    Then you hit the main strip at night loud music till early hours
    Will there be a restriction on these bars

  2. they should open in the daytime money not at night give the neighburs a good nights sleep 9 to 6 pm not am it not a night club

  3. It not open late at nite 12pm (ish). Daytime can be noisy at nite it is more relaxed and quiet.

    I lived in thenext block to the complainents and I can honestly say their is more noise from Calle Gerona than from Tiki Beach at nite time.

  4. I disagree with your comments that the noise level had been reduced. I was there a couple of weeks ago and the speakers were so loud the sound was horribly distorted. The volume so high you couldn’t hold a conversation


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