Buzzing city centre

BEE KEEPING: Crucial work by firefighters.

FIRE CREWS were called to remove a swarm of bees from the centre of Torrevieja.

The hive was situated in Calle Campoamor, and had an estimated 5,000-7,000 bees. The bees were forming a swarm: a natural process by which a group of bees leaves the hive with the queen to find another. Until they find the right place, they fly in a dense cloud of bees, which, although generally not dangerous, often causes alarm amongst the population.

Collecting these swarms is of vital importance according to the municipal biologist Juan Antonio Pujol, mainly due to the critical situation of the insects, which are protected due to the population decline occurring in Europe and in the USA.

Torrevieja’s firefighters, aided by professional beekeepers, managed to safely remove these swarms of bees, for the benefit of both the bees and citizens, and lead them to another breeding hive.

Each year firefighters assist in moving swarms, contributing their bit towards these beneficial insects.


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