Are these surrealistic circumstances really just very interesting times?

SPANISH LIFE: Seems like a bad sci-fi movie is happening all around you.

JUST to set the record straight you are not as confused as you might presume yourself to be.

I know that living in Spain right now must seem like a bad sci-fi movie is happening all around you especially when you read about the corruption, economically, politically and spiritually. Yes, it is for real but you should have known that already (having read Don Quixote).

In short, it is the nature of the beast and has been so for more historical years than writers have bothered to recount. Naturally it doesn’t sit well with those of us from different cultural and historical backgrounds but it is the way it is: bountiful sun, some shade and plenty of good wines sharing the land wherein exist no active predators other than those lurking amongst us.


In Alaska, you can be the nicest guy in the world, take your kids for a stroll in the park and if by circumstances a mother bear is there with her cubs, a dreadful and inglorious history could be made within seconds. No, our task has been to survive within the situation in a constant head-shaking viewpoint that continually makes us dizzy.

The prolonged effects of this symptom are in fact vicariously absorbing us into a popular spiritual culture vacuum currently lacking communal values and trust. Well, it’s kind of a directional finder that doesn’t necessarily show the way or even point anywhere.

You might suspect that you are the butt-end of a joke that infested your camel with a thousand fleas, and as irritated as you get constantly scratching and fidgeting about, there is no quick cure other than the passage of time. A ‘MAÑANA’ CURE HAS BEEN PRESCRIBED.

Right now, there aren’t any laws to combat the systematic looting of the system, nor is there a group of any type of enforcers that would set the record straight. All is still evolving in the shadows off stage, or hiding behind the palms.

Timing isn’t right either, for them to appear without being instantly vanquished. Good, honourable and noble Spanish folk are also shaking their heads and wearing out their knees from constant fervent prayers.

We, as non nationals, are not alone in our current uncertainties and misgivings. Meanwhile those craving their power-elite statuses are obligated to remain vigilant 24/7 to keep from being caught and dragged to the dungeons.

Those robber barons still in the thick of the battle, swaggering about in public awe will be diminished by half when the dust clears. Escape they will not because those places are filled with none other than similar rogues so, more continued vigilance will be needed from their companions and their new resident government.

Life should be easy, comfortable and tranquil. Has that ancient Chinese curse caught up with us: “Are we living in interesting times?”



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