The inequality of the Brexit referendum

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Veterans on Remembrance Sunday

Yesterday, May 6, a charming elderly gentleman called the EWN offices to ask whether we would be prepared to consider publishing a letter that he had handwritten as he doesn’t have a computer and it was on a topic that was very important to him.

He kindly explained the basis of the letter which raised a point that very few people have taken notice of and whilst some would scoff at the concept, he does actually have a very important point to make.

This reader, who is now 91, joined the RAF as an 18-year-old and was a gunner in bombers during the Second World War. He decided to move to Spain, not because he wasn’t a patriot or disliked England but was persuaded that it would be in the best interests of his health to do so and now, having lost a significant amount of money in the Landsbanki affair, he knows that he will see the end of his days in the Costa del Sol.


What he can’t come to terms with is that although it is thanks to him and the other war veterans that are still alive (plus of course all of those who died), who sacrificed their teen years to help to create a European peace that he is disowned by Britain and is not allowed to vote in the forthcoming referendum.

Part of the conservative manifesto at the last election was ‘one person one vote’ and they said that it was completely wrong that an arbitrary limit should be set for people who had moved abroad. Let it not be forgotten that the limit has varied from seven years to 20 years and then back to 15 years and there is no sensible reason for any figure.

Also, the initial conservative promise was that there would be a referendum on whether Britain should remain in the European Union and this was to take place by 2017. There was little indication that this would be moved back by nearly a year.

In the event as we all know, the referendum will take place on June 23, 2016 and what a surprise, the government is so busy that it just doesn’t have time to re-enfranchise all of those people who have been out of the UK for more than 15 years.

Don’t worry though, assuming you are still alive there is every possibility that you will be allowed to vote at the next general election even though that doesn’t affect you as much as a decision to leave or remain in the European Union will.

Poor old nonagenarian Mr Schindler actually went to the High Court in order to try to gain the vote but was rejected and a Downing Street petition had its day in parliament but as usual the will of the people was ignored.

It’s not just the conservatives who are to blame as all politicians of all parties should question their own values when seeing war veterans and many others who still pay taxes in the UK being treated with total contempt and not being allowed to have their say in a so called democracy.


  1. Yes but of course we are not in a “true” democracy and this is the current direction and it will continue this way… if we let it continue this way.

    The Conservative party under David Cameron has become a fear machine. Any direction “Dave” cannot enforce through legitimate means, he with many of his side kicks try to create fear, they did it in the Scottish referendum, they are doing it for the EU referendum and they did it with the elections for the Mayor of London… this is not the way a political party should be running a country. Politicans have finally converted modern politics to the level of scum and I am sorry to bring it up but it is those that run Brussels and the EC that have helped to convert our politics to the current disgusting level!

    Everything that happens where the EU or Dave is involved, my first thought is: would it by any chance have been done like that if it didn’t favour the EU or what Dave wants! A terrible way to have to think but it is the way that I now look at any decision that is taken by either. It is not us the public or citizens of the UK or of other EU countries for that matter that are important, not that in many political decision making was it mainly ever about our interests but now it is obviously not, most politicians “EU or British” don’t seem to care how obvious it is that everything is manipulated in their favour or as they want, without caring if we realise or not!


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