Straight down the middle

MARIANO RAJOY: Is already going for Albert Rivera’s jugular.

MARIANO RAJOY is already going for Albert Rivera’s jugular. If the country is going to the polls again – if not the dogs – it’s the fault of Ciudadanos and the PSOE, Rajoy claimed. His animosity towards the PSOE is understandable but Ciudadanos, which perches not on the fence but dead centre, ran off with Partido Popular votes last December and refused to pact with the party afterwards. Correction: Rivera refused to pact with Mariano Rajoy which is an entirely different matter.

Get it over with

AN austere monarchy is a prime example of tautology, but insofar as an austere monarchy is possible, the present Borbon generation does its best. Unsurprisingly, Felipe VI in his last-ditch round of talks with political leaders, expressed hopes that the coming election campaign will be pared-down and not a burden to the population. What would make Spanish voters really happy is an election now, preferably tomorrow. June 26 is just over eight interminable weeks away and like childbirth or the dentist’s drill they want the agony to end as soon as possible.

Support needed

THE PSOE will hold pre-election primaries with Pedro Sanchez as the only candidate. It might smack of totalitarianism but should ensure that he has the support he needed and didn’t always get before and during the December 20 election campaign. Not every ‘baron’ or regional president could digest the fact that Sanchez was chosen by the PSOE card-carriers, not them, and many still don’t warm to him. But he’s put up a good enough show over the last four months to overshadow anyone else in the party, and that includes Susana Diaz.

Wrong country

PABLO IGLESIAS, leader of Podemos, chided the journalists who give him and the party a hard time. In his best, chatty, prime time television mode he added that of course he understood they were “professionally obliged” to speak ill of them. Wrong country, Pablo. This is Spain you’re talking about – not Venezuela, the near-dictatorship that you and yours were formerly paid to advise and assess on economic and political matters.


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