Right by Rosie?


The partner of Rosemary (Rosie) Broadwell, who was found dead in March last year, has been acquitted of abusing her.

Charles Bevill-Warcup is reported to have confessed to killing his partner in San Miguel de Salinas and hiding her body in Algorfa. However, he is also accused of continual abuse before her death, but the criminal court of Torrevieja has now acquitted the defendant of abuse during their relationship.

The judge ruled the facts had not been proven and the specific dates the attacks allegedly occurred cannot be proved “without the court hearing the version of the victim.”

The 75-year-old was accused of having mistreated his partner on several occasions between 2011 and 2014, but according to the ruling, witnesses were unable to provide data to substantiate a conviction and only made generic allusions as to what could have happened, after, for example, seeing the victim with a black eye.

Medical reports confirmed she had suffered a broken arm but it could not be established how the injury occurred.

Bevill-Warcup is still to stand trial for the murder of Rosie with a trial date pending. The prosecution demands 19 years in prison for the crime.

Rosie disappeared in September 2014. She was reported missing by Bevill-Warcup who said she went to the bank but never came home.

Search parties and social media campaigns were launched as Rosie’s daughter spoke to the EWN asking for information about her whereabouts, with friends and family saying she was popular and well-known in and around Quesada, Doña Pepa and San Miguel.

Six months later officers continued to question her partner at his house where he reportedly broke down and confessed, telling police where he hid the body.

Reports say Bevill-Warcup said they had both been drinking and were arguing over money. Rosie fell to the kitchen floor but instead of helping her the defendant hit her with a stick, causing head injuries.


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