Major protest at Jerez bullfight on May 7

Emily Chettle
Opposing sides at the protest in Jerez on May 7

AS FORECAST, there was a protest held in Jerez on May 7 against the bullfighting which took place on May 6 and 7 with a turnout that was probably more than anyone expected.

Unusually on the previous day, a bull had performed so well that it was allowed to walk although cynics will say that once it entered the privacy of the bowels of the arena, its life would not have lasted much longer although hopefully it would have had a slightly less unsavoury demise.

Protesters and supporters of the fights threw insults at each other and the police were in attendance in order to ensure that the arguments were kept verbal rather than physical.


There is clearly a massive sea change as far as support for bull fighting is concerned, but organisers of the Horse Fair in Jerez clearly see it as an important part of their history and culture whilst others believe it to a cruel and inadmissible ‘sport’ which should play no part in a modern Spain.



  1. A bull which is “indultado” is checked over by the vet, and sent back to the ranch for breeding. When it dies – usually at age 8 or 9, its obituary will be published in 6 Toros


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