It’s back to the drawing board


Last week, April 28, EWN reported on Mr and Mrs Prior’s ongoing battle with the authorities over the demolition of their newly built luxury home in Vera. In the latest twist, the town hall has decided to appeal the ruling which saw the Priors win a partial claim after the traumatic demolition back in 2008.

Eight years after the property was razed to the ground by the authorities, the Priors have been locked, head-on, in ongoing legal battles against the town hall and the Junta de Andalucia regional government in a bid to reclaim the money and emotional damages lost to them.

Due to the fact the couple, both aged 72, had been given all of the correct paperwork to go ahead and build their dream home, it would seem to an outsider a clear cut case.

Back when the property was first built, the town hall, in a series of private planning meetings, deemed the land the property was built on to be protected and not suitable for building.

After issuing the Priors with what seemed like the proper planning consent, the truth only came to light when the bulldozers arrived on that fateful winter morning. The devastating flattening of the couple’s retirement home followed, leaving all of their hard-earned savings lying in rubble before their feet.

Helen Prior told EWN that nothing has been said to them and they have had no communication whatsoever from the town hall. She continued: “We are absolutely cheesed off. The appeal itself could take another five years to conclude.”

The Priors feel the Junta de Andalucia is to blame for all of the troubles caused over the years and not the town hall. She said: “We have been victimised whilst the Junta has not gained anything from it whatsoever.” “We have no plans, we are still locked in the same waiting game that we have been in for the last eight years.”


  1. This real story would be unbelievable in another country but in Spain anything can happen There is corruption everywhere in everything. We live in the Comunidad Valenciana since 3 years and have to battle against all kinds of things. They even don’t respect the laws they have voted! We are disgusted! We pay the “nice sunny weather” at a very high price!
    We hope not everyone has to deal with terrible situations like you have.
    Have you tried to explain your problem to “Sindic de Greuges”? They are also named “Defensor del Pueblo”.
    Check on internet; they are independant (that’s what’s being said). Their role is to ask explainations to administrations if you have a problem with them.
    Good luck! Micheline


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