Huge number of fake items of clothing seized

Guardi Civil
Just some of the counterfeit goods recovered

IN AN operation titled ‘Trialogue’, officers of the Guardia Civil in Valencia, have dismantled an organisation dedicated to the forging of garments and trainers. In the operation they arrested 10 people from Senegal, Guinea and Chad and seized 40,000 counterfeit garments, along with the materials to make them.

 Among the items seized were bags, hoodies, polo shirts, shirts, trousers, swimming costumes, jackets, underwear, shoes, sneakers and soccer jerseys. In addition, the officers discovered a sewing machine, screen printing machinery, a machine for making rivets, computer equipment and labelling, materials for sealing and packaging.

The operation began in January of this year when the Guardia Civil became aware of the possibility that counterfeiters were operating in Valencia and officers were able verify the existence of a group of people who were devoted to the sale, distribution and manufacture of counterfeit garments on three floors of a building located in the Valencia capital


This building as well as being a ‘sweat shop’ also acted as a distribution centre for the items offered for sale around the city by ‘Looky Looky men’ but appeare3d to outsiders to be a legitimate business.

With a total haul of 40,000 fakes of 15 well-known brands, the officers estimate that the potential value of the goods would have been €550,000.


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