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ROAD PLANS: Mayor maps out plans for hospital road widening.

TORREVIEJA’S mayor is calling for work to be done on the CV-95 to give easier access to the hospital.

Jose Manuel Dolon said the project was established in 2003, and should have been carried out when the hospital was inaugurated. Now, he wants former mayor of Torrevieja and Vice-President of the Alicante Provincial Council Eduardo Dolon, to ensure it goes ahead using the same criterion of ‘arbitrariness’ that the president of the provincial council used to benefit Calpe.

The mayor wants to expand part of the CV-95 in front of the hospital to ease congestion and give easier direct access to the emergency department.

Jose Manuel Dolon expressed his outrage at the fact that PP President Cesar Sanchez, who is also mayor of Calpe, used certain criteria to push ahead with work plans whilst Torrevieja’s former mayor has done nothing “except receive a huge salary.”

He said these new forms of grant subsidises should be available to Torrevieja, and the same criteria should be applied to carry out “works that are urgent and necessary.”


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