A charming town


Why pamper life’s complexities when you live in the most charming coastal town in Spain?

With all the ballots counted Nerja has officially won a nationwide vote to uncover the most charming coastal town in the country, a distinguished honour that will please residents and doubtlessly lure more visitors keen to discover just what makes the iconic Axarquia town so special.

In the established competition organised by Hotel Info, Nerja made the final cut of 26 beautiful coastal towns on Tuesday, before securing a glorious victory on Wednesday with more than 5,000 votes in favour.

Indeed Nerja dominated the finals with a resounding 5,173 votes compared to 4,016 for second-placed Ortigueira in A Coruna, and Rota in Cadiz which won 2,119 ayes to secure third spot.

The votes were cast by online users at the Hotel Info website, which is a prestigious accommodation reservation portal and highly representative of the broad spectrum of experienced travellers and residents across Spain.

Each participating town simply had to lie on the coast and have less than 35,000 residents and local Nerja figures were in a bolshie mood in predicting an easy victory for the pristine town which has deftly avoided the rampant commercialism accompanying Spain’s tourist boom.

Commonwealth president Gregorio Campos was confident of success, reminding anyone still on the fence to “think of the Nerja Caves, which are a universal monument for their historical, artistic, biological, and geological values, or the Balcon de Europa which is full of tourists every day of the year,” before having a sly dig at the other leading contestants.

The result will be warmly welcomed by Nerja’s local authorities, and indeed by those of Malaga Province, who see its new status as Spain’s most charming coastal town as providing an excellent boon to the local economy, while ensuring that its heritage remains protected and intact.


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