Tension on Ryanair flight from Tenerife as passenger refused beer issues bomb threat

The false threat was issued as the plane was descending towards Santiago de Compostela

A MAN of unconfirmed nationality has been arrested after he threatened to blow up a Ryanair airliner due to being refused a beer.

The flight was travelling from Tenerife to Santiago de Compostela on Thursday May 5, with the middle-aged passenger losing his marbles as it began its descent towards the Galician capital.

According to fellow flyers, he had already been saying “I’m going to detonate a bomb because they won’t serve me beer”, before rising from his seat as flight staff began to run through the landing protocol, screaming “there’s a bomb, it’s going to explode.”

The pilot alerted airport control regarding the threat, and the plane was diverted to the end of the runway after it touched down, where the man was apprehended by police.

Passengers confirmed that they had initially tried to calm the man down, but became increasingly nervous as he repeated his warnings, with some visibly shaken as they disembarked.

Ryanair said that the flight landed without incident after a passenger became disruptive in-flight, and that the aircraft returned to Tenerife once the man had been detained, while affirming that they will not tolerate unruly behaviour at any time.



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