Getting a few things straight

OPEN BORDER: Policy is one of the biggest dangers not only to the UK, but to the whole of Europe.

RIGHT, let’s use this week’s blurb to get a few things straight. Particularly to the purveyors of all the hate mail I have been receiving of late. I’m referring of course to my position regarding the British ‘in/out’ fiasco.

Frankly I was against the whole Common Market concept from the word go. With our trade deals and wide range of powerful partners in the Commonwealth, I truly believed we didn’t need to amalgamate with other European countries to enable us to move forward in the world of commerce, and subsequently enjoy the prosperity of our country and its citizens within the world of finance.

Over the years many of my opinions have changed. Indeed I have taken full advantage of the freedom of movement and integrated social services offered by the countries involved in the scheme.

As I stated some time ago, if David Cameron had returned from Brussels with a renegotiated deal, I would vote to stay in. But he didn’t did he? On the one thing that I believe is the biggest danger, not only to the UK, but to the whole of Europe, he achieved just about zilch. Namely the open border policy.

This mind numbing exercise is either being perpetrated by bureaucrats of quite unbelievable naivety or traitors, pure and simple. We are in a war, and the enemy is being allowed to flood in like a veritable tsunami. If we don’t do something to prevent it, within a generation or two, we will either be under Sharia law, or have been embroiled in an internal war which will have cost untold thousands of lives.

Well, I am not prepared to succumb to these perpetrators of hatred and inhumanity purely for my own selfish ends. Contrary to the belief of many of my dissenters, I am not a rich individual who doesn’t need the protection of the Spanish medical and social infrastructure.

On the contrary, soon to be 77 years of age, with a small British and Spanish pension, and a singular responsibility for two teenage children who, although born in Spain, hold English passports, I am extremely worried about what fate should befall us should we opt to leave the EU.

No, despite not living in the UK for some 40 years, I am extremely patriotic, proud of being British, and truly mortified to see it walking blindly into capitulation and servitude through the blind ignorance of its power hungry bureaucrats. My father and millions of other patriots risked and sacrificed their lives to preserve our nation, and I for one refuse to hand it all over to heathen, undeserving aliens, purely for my own selfish ends. I trust I have now made my position perfectly clear.

Keep the faith Love Leapy

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  1. Yes, you have made yourself clear and I agree with everything you said.
    We do not need these bloodsuckers in our country, and you are right, if the E.U. does not stop the influx of migrants we will either end up in a civil war with them, or our women will all be wearing a burka in years to come.
    There will be many who do not agree with your statement, or mine, but they will learn the truth in years to come.
    They should be thinking more about what kind of society their children will have to endure when they are long gone!!!!!

  2. The biggest possible invasion being Turkey as if Only 1% decide to come UK that will approach a Million more. So David Cameron says No Problem it will not happen for Decades !!!! Next Day European Parliament said before they Join we are giving them ALL freedom of Movement in 95% of Europe.. Now did Cameron Lie or did he really not know of this Directive being made Next Day ???? Then by coincidence Turkey’s Prime Minister Resigns the Next Day.. Some fair amount movement in Few Days.. With no doubt Cameron Withholding the truth to get us to stay in Decades he says & then Next Day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha Now Japan say we should stay In Europe.. What’s it got to do with Japan ??
    We have for years now had mass exodus from London because of Migration.. & It is now occupied by less than 50% UK Born Citizens.. & I know for fact more people are moving out London & Fast or leaving UK altogether..

  3. Don,t quite agree with stopping the influx altogether but we do need to only allow the f right people to enter. for example hundreds of fit young men who( in my opinion) should be fighting for their cause should not be allowed in.
    We need to maintain extremely intense vetting and control. needed. The freedom of movement ruling hinders this.
    Cameron needs to tell Merkel (who now practically runs the organisation) that we intend to tighten our borders and only allolow those who WE think should be allowed to enter.

  4. Perfectly clear. As mud. One minute you are banging on about Sharia law and the invasion of Muslims. Next you are calling them heathens. So which is it? A heathen by definition is one who is not a Christian, a Jew or a Muslim. I repeat. Clear as mud. What a twot!

  5. Leapy Graham, you’ve been urging the British public who have the vote to ‘vote out’. But you’re worried about the fate of your children, whose future will be in Spain. I think with the latter, you’ve just convinced yourself your whole ‘Brexit’ argument falls down. You won’t keep Muslims out of Spain by voting for the UK to leave, and in fact, won’t keep them out of Britain either (not that this should bother you if you don’t live there!) What WILL happen, however, with a Brexit, is that you’ll need to prove you have a regular, legal income, likely to be in excess of 150% of that of the average Spaniard, and spend months on paper trails and queuing on pavements to be able to stay here. Your Brit pension will be frozen, you’ll need health insurance (cost you a fortune at 77, because surely you have pre-existing conditions) and your children will be up the creek because as youngsters starting out in the job market, they will NEVER earn enough to guarantee an ongoing visa, and will have to apply for work permits to earn it anyway (why would Spain give work permits to Brits when 25 % of the Spanish population, and one in two under-30s, are on the dole?) Meanwhile, you’ll have no British representation in the EU to influence how the country you’ve lived in for decades treats you. And those in the UK will be completely at the mercy of Cameron who, as you say, made a risible attempt to ‘reform’ the EU which was, in a nutshell, a request to give Britain special treatment to keep out foreigners!

  6. Kally : You seem to have a few errors in your Comment.. Firstly UK Pension will not be frozen…. I know many people who live in Australia & NZ… Otherside of World & nothing to do with in or out Europe.. But they still get UK Pension Paid.. Aswell as Australian if worked there.. So Spain Will Still get UK Pensions..
    As to health Well can always do what rest of World i.e. USA if treatment needed Fly back UK & get it.. We have 100’s USA come Just to have their Baby as Expensive in USA. They sign to say they will Pay & just Fly Home without paying & Spain much closer

  7. Kally : As you say we will be at the Mercy of Cameron… BUT at Least we can Vote him out of Office !!!!!!!!!! Something we cannot do in European Parliament


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