British man escapes armed hoodies in Mijas Costa as gun jams

Mijas has witnessed a series of gun attacks recently

THE Guardia Civil is searching for two men suspected of attempted homicide in Mijas Costa on Thursday May 5.

The victim was a 50-year-old English resident in Las Lagunas district, and initial reports suggested that the man had suffered gunshot wounds, but when emergency services arrived they found that he only had minor head wounds which did not even warrant a trip to hospital.

Upon questioning the injured party, police discovered that he had been approached by two hoodie-clad assailants armed with a hand gun as he arrived to his home.

A scuffle broke out as the man fought back, during the course of which one of the attackers squeezed the trigger, but the weapon apparently jammed, so they resorted to beating their quarry over the head with it before fleeing.

For now, no firm conclusions have been drawn, but there is speculation that the attack was planned following a series of three murders which happened within the space of four months in Mijas last year, and an incident in March when Spanish and Italian citizens were wounded at home.

Local Police forces have voiced their concern regarding the increasing number of incidents involving firearms, forcing Mijas Council to invest in bulletproof vests in late 2015.

The latest attack came on the same day that controversial Mijas Mayor Juan Carlos Maldonado reappointed his “best friend” Juan Manuel Rosas Torrecillas, aka ‘Kiko’, as head of the Local Police, following the recent expulsion of all Popular Party councillors from office.

Maldonado had been forced to dismiss Kiko in April over allegations regarding his mandatory physical examination.


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