Turkish PM to quit his post

United States Department of Defence via Wikimedia Commons
Ahmet Davutoğlu

In a shocking move Turkey´s Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, has promised to step down from his role later this month. The announcement came during a congress of the AK party, currently the ruling party in Turkish government.

It is rumoured that the resignation follows a rift between Davutoglu and Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose recent decisions have left a significant part of the Central European media community incredulous and wondering about his tenure, which some even brand a regime.

Perhaps an excellent example of the chasm between the European community and the Turkish government was the recent official request from Turkish authorities to legally punish a noted German comedian, who wrote and performed a satirical song about President Erdogan.

The song was, of course, rude and uncomplimentary, but it was also a political commentary of the public´s perception of the Turkish leader, and protected under Germany´s laws regarding freedom of speech. The song continued to be broadcast, despite the Turkish ambassador’s trip to the Bundestag.

Davutoglu has questioned Erdogan´s intention to move towards a presidential system of government, and has thus allegedly fallen from favour. A set of documents branded the ´Pelican Files´ emerged in early May, allegedly from the president´s administration, detailing the disagreements between the two men. The information appeared on a WordPress blog, with no stated source.

However, it appears outwardly that no bad feelings exist between the president and soon-to-be ex-prime minister. In his speech at the congress meeting, Davutoglu pledged his loyalty to Erdogan, and said that he bore no anger to anyone. Having occupied the post since 2014, his successor will be elected when the congress next meets on 22 May.

Earlier this morning, the presidential aide, Cemil Ertem, told Turkish TV that that the country and its economy would stabilise should the new prime minister be more closely aligned with President Erdogan.


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