Some Brits abroad ensure that they play to the stereotype

Tony Hisgett Wikimedia
Jet2 Boeing 737

NEWS is now emerging of how a drunken woman said to be from the Newcastle area managed to disrupt a flight and end up being arrested by police in Ibiza on May 1.

According to reports, passengers were astonished that the woman was actually allowed to board the Jet2 aircraft, which was due to fly from Ibiza to Newcastle, as she was clearly more than ‘tired and emotional,’ and as she staggered onto the plane she was already shouting and swearing at Jet2 employees.

When the aircraft was moving towards the apron to commence take off, the unnamed woman started shouting for water, and when she was asked to quieten down she started swearing again.

Quite correctly, in order to protect the safety of passengers, the Captain of the aircraft decided to abort take off, and advised the control tower of his decision. Subsequent to this, officers of the Guardia Civil entered the plane and removed the woman, who was handcuffed for safety.

The incident delayed the flight into Newcastle by an hour and a half, but Jet2 congratulated the crew on taking the initiative to have the passenger removed, in accordance with guidelines from their Onboard Together initiative, which encourages crewmembers to reduce the number of disruptive passengers.

This particular passenger has now been banned from travelling with Jet2 for at least 12 months.


  1. She should be locked up for six months! This sort of behaviour among British travelers is becoming too frequent these days. It disgusts me to see how English people behave today!!!!!

  2. Why be ashamed of someone else’s actions? There were 200 odd other people on the plane who behaved, why not associate yourself with them? You can’t be ashamed because someone who happens to have been born within the same geographical boundaries as you can’t behave. You can only be proud or ashamed of your own actions, being ashamed to be British because a minority can’t behave is a nonsense. You behave, I behave, you’re choosing to feel ashamed because of someone else.

  3. I don’t drink at all but have no problem with people drinking in moderation but as a frequent flier,I have seen people being allowed to board aircraft that have clearly had more than one or two drinks and I fail to see why drinks chitties can’t be printed out with the passengers name on them along with your boarding pass that will allow each person a maximum of two drinks prior to boarding the aircraft.
    Each drink chitty should be presented along with the person’s passport so that friends or family members can’t give someone their chitty,this would stop people who have had more than a few drinks boarding the aircraft and any passenger who has clearly had a few from his or her own bottle should be refused boarding,naturally,the airport bars won’t like this but flying will become more pleasant.


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