Much ado about nothing

Luke Coffey tweet
The two British and Spanish vessels in the Bay of Gibraltar

THE UK Press has gone ballistic about revelations of a Spanish incursion into British Gibraltar waters in April, when the US Atomic Submarine Florida sailed into Gibraltar.

The regular Guardia Civil culprit Rio Cedena sailed into protected waters as it often does and ‘buzzed’ the submarine on April 16.

As is also always the case, the Royal Navy proceeded to warn the Spanish boat to exit British Gibraltar waters and reportedly HMS Sabre sent a flare across the bows of the Guardia Civil vessel, which then withdrew.


A formal complaint was made to the Spanish authorities via the Foreign Office, but this current press furore although several weeks late will help to publicise the activities of the Guardia Civil patrol boats.



  1. I think the Spanish government need to grow up, we are in Nato, the USA is in NATO and Spain since 1982 has been in NATO, why do they create these continual petty incidents… like little boys trying to make out they are bigger! If they put a bit more effort into getting the issues of their country sorted out it might be a little more constructive for them. Spanish politicians seem to reflect similarities to that of a south American banana republic where they appear to have no idea of what they should be doing and so hold their country back like huge lead balls tied to their progress.


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